CrossFit East Cobb in Marietta

CrossFit East Cobb is a dedicated CrossFit gym, strength and conditioning facility in Marietta, just north of Atlanta.

Voted best CrossFit gym in Atlanta by Self Magazine in 2015 and founded by Chris Sims (a Green Beret) and Jason Sobczak (Infantry) in 2007, we create the best CrossFit workout programs for men and women – we train athletes, moms, dads, singles, seniors, and military who want to get in shape, build muscle and increase overall fitness levels. Our dynamic, full body CrossFit workouts keep you engaged, heighten fitness levels and strength, and make your body look good.

Want to increase your overall fitness and health and look good naked?

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Run or row 250 meters

Then, 3 rounds of:

10 figure 8 stretch

10 chin ups

10 ghd sit ups

10 good mornings

10 prisoner lunge steps

Turkish Get Ups   3-3-2-2-2


Double unders

Abmat sit ups

Do 12 horizontal pull ups and a 400 meter run after each round.

For time.