Christina Disser
  • CFEC trainer, November 2013
  • Office Manager for Legacy Data Access
  • YMCA group exercise instructor
  • CrossFit Level 1 (11/2013)

  • Group exercise-related certifications: AFAA Group Exercise Instructor (2009-current), Hip Hop Hustle (2010), TRX (2011)

  • CPR and AED (7/12)

  • Pole Level 1 instructor (2010)

How/When I Started in CrossFit:  
Chris began CrossFit in January 2013 as a way to spend more time with her husband Curt (also a trainer at CFEC), as well as to get back into shape after having another baby. After the first week she was hooked.

Recreational Activities/Recent Competitions

  • Firebreather Challenge (August 2013)

  • Reebok Nor’easter at Ragged Neck in Rye, NH (September 2013)

  • 2013 Tactical Throwdown (October 2013)

  • Many other local trail races and CFEC-sponsored events

  • Mt. Cheaha 50K Ultramarathon (February 2014)

About Chris:
Chris has always enjoyed varied and challenging workouts, and she is always willing to try any type of workout, just to see what she is capable of. She immediately loved the infinite combinations of movements and workouts and how CrossFit touches on so many skills that often are skipped later in life, like jumping, climbing, handstands, and sprinting. Since competing in her first CF competition in September in New Hampshire, Chris plans on skipping the whole marathon thing and going straight for the Mt. Cheaha 50k UltraMarathon in February!

Chris and her family have maintained eating the Paleo diet for many years and they love it! She believes it’s not as complicated as you might think, even with three kids. According to Chris, “Your body is only as good as what you put into it. Fuel it properly and you’ll be amazed at the level you can perform and just how good you feel!” Feel free to ask her about her experience, favorite recipes, and tips.

Chris obtained her BS in Wildlife Biology from the University of Georgia and maintains her certification in CPR and AED.