Ron Cheslock

 It would not be an exaggeration to say that CrossFit East Cobb has literally changed my life.

 I joined CFEC in February of 2012.  My wife had just given birth to our first child and something about becoming a father and getting really fed up with my current state of health got me to take the first step.  It took me 2 years of “stalking” the gym to get up the nerve that day to finally check it out.  While I had been physically active throughout my life, I had not been working out consistently for over 5 years.  CrossFit seemed like a no nonsense work out and I was interested in that.  I didn’t anticipate the level of camaraderie, friendship and community that I would find in joining the gym.  Raw nerve got me to come in the first day but it was the great people, the training and the unbelievably difficult and life changing workouts that got to me to stay.

I got hooked, quickly.  Over the course of the next 24 months, I lost over 50 pounds, put on 12 pounds of muscle, ran a half marathon, then an ulta-marathon, then a second ultra-marathon and finally a full Ironman…twice.  The transformation was personally inspiring and gratifying.  I am incredibly grateful to the staff of CFEC for their encouragement, their programming and their expertise.


Ron After Crossfit


Stacey Owens

 It took a year…one whole year…before I was talked into trying CrossFit. I ran with Coach Kate Brun almost weekly…for A YEAR! Every run, the conversation led to “I LOVE CROSSFIT, you should try it!” which led me to eye rolling and “you’re crazy! I’ll never!” Well, as we all know, you should never say never.

 I am a runner and I got injured, yet again. Pre CFEC, I would begin training for a race…which meant give up strength training and not do anything else because I had to run MORE! MORE is better, right? WRONG! So, my never came to an end, in recovery mode, with me walking into CrossFit East Cobb and thinking “I am going to die here.” I explained to the coaches that I was injured and would not be able to do everything and I got the assurance that I was not going to die, rather I was going to get over my injury and be a stronger and better runner. And the coaches were right. Each and every time I step foot into the box, my coaches know my goals, know when to push me and know when to tell me to scale back. They are looking out for my well-being as much as I am.

 After a year and a half of WODing religiously, I am a stronger and better runner – mentally and physically. As I overcame my injury and was able to begin running steadily again, something happened. I didn’t get hurt, I felt stronger, I felt mentally tough. I thought “this may be working!” And I was right.

 As I look back at my time investment at CFEC, I realize the following:

1. You don’t have to run more to become a better runner. Why? Since becoming a member at CFEC, I don’t need those junk miles anymore. I get a tremendous amount of endurance from my WODs. They include rowing, speedwork, strength training….heart pumping, lay on the floor workouts. This makes getting rid of those junk mile days a no brainer.

2. I have gotten faster. Yes, it is true. The speedwork along with the strength training, in partnership with my running, has made me a faster and stronger runner. Not hard to see the correlation.

3. I am not only physically stronger but mentally stronger. With the mental and physical toughness that CFEC has given me, I have run 2 sub-4:00 marathons (fast for me!), completed an ultramarathon and I am able to easily run a sub 1:50 half marathon with minimal training. I am a stronger trail runner as well – completing a tough trail half in 2 hours - a first for me! CFEC has pushed me outside of my physical comfort zone and has mentally toughened me up by not letting me quit. I now know what my body can do and knowing my mind won’t quit on me makes me excited about what is next.

 Another thing that came with my CFEC experience is the support and friendships that I have developed. That is something that I was not even planning on. But it happened and continues to happen. I am not sure that I would have the confidence and belief in myself if it wasn’t for those that I WOD with. They are a big part of my foundation during my training and knowing they are behind me and cheering me on keeps me going. As I continue to push my own limits, I think back to the first time I walked into CFEC and think - best decision, ever!


Stacey After Crossfit


Cathy Facer

 I joined CrossFit East Cobb in 2012. I joined CFEC because I had always wanted to try it. I needed a change in my routine.

 It has been a long road for me in my CrossFit and personal journey but completely worth it. In the fall of 2014 I made the decision to dedicate myself to improving my health and fitness and joined the Paleo challenge we were having. During that time I lost 14 pounds and improved all of my strength numbers. That challenge helped me regain my confidence in myself and helped me make my decision to get back into triathlons.

 I will say that because of CrossFit East Cobb I feel stronger and fitter than ever. Not just physically stronger but mentally too. The work that goes into completing our WODs requires mental toughness, not just physical ability. I'm not the strongest or fastest athlete at my box but I always finish what I start and that is the best feeling a person can have. Last year I competed in The Strongside CrossFit competition, a couple of sprint triathlons, Tough Mudder, Augusta 70.3 Half Ironman triathlon, and an in house CrossFit competition we had.  I have met some of my best friends through CFEC. There are no better people than the people at my box. They are like family to me. They are always there to support me and cheer me on whether it’s during a WOD or something going on outside of the box.

 This year I have set some goals for myself and have already hit some PR's in my strength numbers. I am looking forward to accomplishing the rest of my goals.


Cathy After Crossfit


Michael Morales

 I started CrossFit in April of 2010.   When I first walked into the box the furthest I had ever run was a 5k. After the first year of building strength and friendships I was motivated to join 18 others as they went to tackle a 50k in Alabama called the Mt. Cheaha 50k.   Jason, the owner, gave a few of us a running plan which only had us running one day a week and building up to the longest run of 24 miles. I spent many days with my fellow CFEC members running the hills at Sope Creek in training. Then race day started and knowing I had the support of the team at every rest area I was able to accomplish my goal of finishing a 50k.  

 After finishing a 50k many of us started to think about what would be our next great accomplishment. I had done one sprint triathlon and it almost killed me. So to make things ever harder, myself and few members signed up for an Ironman in Augusta.  It was a 70.3 and we knew if we trained one day a week and did CrossFit during the week it was ours for the taking.   So after about six months of bonding on the bike, on the road, and in the lake we accomplished our goal! Back at the box the conversation once again turned to what was next!  Well, if we could do a half Ironman why not go and do a full Ironman! So myself and another member signed up to do the Augusta half Ironman AND the Florida full Ironman.   Training was intense and long but it paid off. I shaved an hour off my time in Augusta and felt strong rolling into the Florida Ironman. Although I didn't beat my time goal, I can say thanks to my friends and coaches at CFEC I became an Ironman on November 8th, 2015! There were not many former offensive linemen completing the 140.6 miles of fun and I don't think I could have done it without the support of my box!



 John Nguyen

 I started CrossFit in May 2013 after doing a Tough Mudder. At that time I thought that was the hardest thing I’d ever done. The competition against myself at CrossFit was really what got me hooked; every day it's something new and the opportunity to get better is what keeps me coming back. I had always wanted to complete a marathon but the training always resulted in injuries. CFEC had a sign up for a 50k run and after hearing it would only take 8 weeks of training with only one training run per week, I decided to take on the challenge. The run went as expected and I finished just under the cutoff of 9 hours. This achievement gave me the confidence to tackle other endurance races, so in March 2014 I signed up for my first half Ironman. With CrossFit as the base of my training plan, I added bike rides and runs on the weekends. The program was a success, and I completed the half Ironman with a respectable time. My 2015 goal was to do a full Ironman, which I signed up for in late 2014. The training went well until I hit a snag in August. After passing out after 2 workouts, my doctor diagnosed me with a 99% right artery blockage due to hereditary high blood pressure and cholesterol. I had a stint inserted and was released from the hospital 3 days later. One week after the stint, I was back on my bike training although the doctor did not want me to push myself. I had to skip the Augusta half but was able to get clearance from the doctor to resume training after 6 weeks. On November 12th, 2015 I completed my first full Ironman. I credit CrossFit East Cobb for helping me survive my heart issues.  I think without my strong heart I would have surely died. 


Johnn After Crossfit