Over the past two years of my life, I have been training in the US Army to graduate the Special Forces Qualification Course. About a year and a half ago I began experimenting with different CrossFit workout plans, following sites for a week here and there trying to find something that challenged me, kept it interesting, and gavRossmilitary
e me the results I needed. A friend of mine provided me with a list of sites he suggested and mentioned CrossFit East Cobb.

I worked through the list of recommendations and I finally made my way down to the CrossFit East Cobb site. I did one work out and about halfway through I looked at my watch and thought, "And they want me to do six more minutes of this?" At the end of the workout I was completely smoked, but I felt amazing.

I began training using CrossFit East Cobb's endurance cycle and loved it. I then had to leave for three months of field training. After the CFEC leg and back training, all the physical requirements and humping around with weight was a breeze. When I returned from the field, I immediately started to work out using CFEC, again. Slowly, but surely, using some strength cycle archives, I was seeing amazing progress and results. I was making gains quickly, so I continued this routine for months during training and then I continued into another endurance cycle.

Shortly after I began the cycle, I left for another month in the field with some of the most physically challenging movements I have ever done, However, they didn’t seem that difficult after following the WOD's for the past four months straight. I returned and immediately hopped back into CrossFit East Cobb on the January 2012 strength cycle archives and have no intention of stopping. I simply haven't found another gym whose WODs I would rather follow.

There's no doubt in my mind that CFEC helped me attain a high level of fitness which made my life easier during my military journey. I currently have my future brother-in-law (Prior Marine) along with about six other friends from the Army following CFEC. Simply put, CFEC is addictive; the challenge, the variety, the results, and my personal favorite...the smoking.



Matt F.

I was recently selected to begin the Qualification Course after attending Special Forces Assessment and Mattfarrell Selection at Camp Mackall outside Fort Bragg, North Carolina. I was fortunate to train with Chris and Jason at Crossfit East Cobb for nearly a year before joining the Army.

The training I received at CrossFit East Cobb was instrumental in preparing me for the unknown rigors that I'd face. Jason and Chris’ military experience, coaching and friendship helped lay the groundwork that has allowed me to be successful thus far in my military career, and for that I am very grateful. I still check the CFEC website daily and am always looking to implement their programming into my current training whenever possible.


Brooks C.

When I first started at CrossFit East Cobb, I must admit I was pretty skeptical. The CrossFit program Brookscolton
was pretty new to me; however, very soon it became apparent that this was the proper way to begin training for the military. I was immediately hooked and began training rigorously.

After a year and a half of training, I left for the military in the best shape of my life. Training at CrossFit East Cobb, with the help of trainers Jason and Chris, put me in the right mental and physical place to successfully tackle the challenges of Infantry Basic Training, Airborne school, Special Forces Preparation and Conditioning, Special Forces Assessment and Selection, Combine Leadership Course, Advanced Leadership Course, and the overall completion of the Special Forces Qualification Course. Throughout the duration of the course, I was constantly readying myself for each challenge by following the CrossFit East Cobb’s training regimen and I was henceforth, one of the top performers throughout the course.

Without the focused help, proper workout regimen, and knowledgeable trainers at CrossFit East Cobb, I would never have been this successful this early on in my military career. I am regularly recommending CrossFit East Cobb to my fellow soldiers and teammates and they are constantly appalled at the dynamic and rigorous, yet rewarding, program that CFEC applies.