Ladies Only Night!

Sometimes the testosterone in the gym is just a bit much! Or sometimes the week just calls for a getaway from the kids, husband, work, etc. Or maybe you’ve heard about CrossFit but are unsure about it.  Here’s your chance to try it in a welcoming, encouraging, and relaxed environment.

Run by the girls, for the girls, our Ladies Night Class will be sure to empower you, motivate you, and spice things up from the norm of our daily classes. Ladies night is open to all female members and any ladies who are interested in trying CrossFit. The gym will be closed to all males.

Ladies night will be held the first Friday of every month at 7:30pm! And after the workout we will grab dinner nearby for more socializing and fun! This event is free for members and non-members! We encourage you to grab a friend and experience how non-intimidating CrossFit can be!


Please RSVP to Chris Disser


2016 Reebok CrossFit Games Begins!

For five weeks, once a year Crossfit gyms around the world are working hard and competing in these workouts.  The CrossFit community is at the mercy of Director of the Games Dave Castro.  People of all ages, and abilities are pushing themselves to the limit with cheers and support from fellow Crossfiters. 

All you need is to sign up and enjoy the experience!  Workouts are released every Thursday at 8:00pm, you will have four days to complete the workout and submit your score.  Good Luck!