Michael Gilbert


Mike Before CrossFit

"Too Skinny" Mike

Mike After CrossFit

It started for me when I turned 40, I might have passed the eye test but wasn’t in good shape.  After a physical I got my blood test back and my cholesterol was high. Doctor said, “I’m going to have to put you on statins”.  I responded with “couldn’t I fix it with diet and exercise?” and he said, “no, probably hereditary”.  I asked the doctor to “give me 6 months and let’s check it again.”

That request began an interesting journey - I started to train for a half marathon and drastically changed my diet. Within 6 months I lost almost 30lbs and lowered my cholesterol from 210 to 140. Great. My first half marathon took me over two hours but in time that came down.  Even with all the progress I thought I had made, I wasn’t happy with the way I looked.  One day my wife said “you are too skinny, I don’t like it, I married a big man and now you’re not”.  Ouch.  At about the same time a coach at CFEC, Christina Disser, said “hey you should come check out CrossFit, I think you would like it.” Game changer for me.

Since September of 2012 CFEC has provided support to me morally, technically, and personally.  The coaches and members have been nothing short of awesome. They have provided me inspiration, assistance and wisdom in more ways that I can articulate in a few short paragraphs.  An interesting side benefit to the CrossFit community is when I travel for work it is like having cousins that you like, everywhere.  I have been to over 65 CrossFit gyms around the country and every one of them has welcomed me in like family.

CrossFit has been a true gift. A different challenge every day.  I have been active for a long time between high school, college, and the military (Go Army, Beat Navy!) whether it be working out at the gym, playing football, wrestling, rugby, basketball, tennis, running, lacrosse or triathlons.   Simply put, I am 45 years old and in the best shape of my life. If a picture tells a thousand words then these three pictures sum up my last five years.

 In this order: out of shape, too skinny, just right (says my wife). Thanks CFEC, you rock. Oh, and thanks to CrossFit that Half marathon time came down to 1:34:17.


Adam Smith

 I am not sure the exact date I joined CFEC but it was September 2014.  I joined on a dare from members Jon and Marlo Leach.  I went to my intro class, did the "intro" workout and spent the next two days in wonderful pain and soreness.  Yet my spirit said I want more!  So I signed up for 6 months to see what would transpire.  At that time I weighed 255lbs and now almost a year and a half later I am 215lbs and went from a size 40 waist to a size 36.

 Just as important, if not more important, was the change in my mental outlook.  Before Crossfit I was hesitant to try new things because I was not sure if I could do them. This part of the story is painful because I have to give props to those filthy,disgusting, vile and beautiful human beings known as NOONERS.  Each one of them became a good friend of mine and in every noon class they pushed me, in a good way, one more step that I did not think I had in me but I found I did.  I have played tennis for almost 30 years and it is my comfort zone whereas CrossFit is my way of pushing myself outside of my comfort zone.  CrossFit inspires physical change but when done with an open heart, mind and body it becomes a spiritual journey to see what lies inside.



Callie Van Fleit

Callie Van Fleit


An avid runner, yogi (and yoga teacher) and gym goer, some of my best friends tried to convince me to do CrossFit but I resisted for almost a year. I was afraid. Afraid it would be too much. Too hardcore. Too heavy. Too dangerous. Afraid of getting injured. Afraid of everything.

In the Spring of 2014 I was approached by CFEC to teach yoga to their members. This, I could do. I was thrilled. As I started teaching classes there, getting to know some of the members and coaches and secretly spying on some of their classes (hey, I was curious), I started warming up to the idea of maybe giving it a go. On May 22, 2014 I did my first ever WOD. I remember, looking back, that my first back squat was 55lbs. My first bench press was 35lbs. I couldn't do a pull-up. I was “NEVER” going to try to snatch and there was no way I was ever getting over that wall. Lesson learned – believe in yourself, believe in your coaches, believe in the members, get outta your head already and you CAN.

Almost 2 years later, I have to admit that incorporating CrossFit into my training mix was the best thing I could do. The trifecta of running, CrossFit and yoga works, and it works well. The three are highly complementary. Every single day at the box I utilize elements from my yoga practice to help keep me safe and give me more control. My running has gotten incredibly stronger as a result of CrossFit. I have completed multiple trail half marathons and most recently the GUTS Pine Mountain 19 Mile Trail Run in December 2015, a challenging course to which I attribute the strength I needed to finish and finish strong to CrossFit.

My lifts have gotten heavier – much heavier – and I can finally do a pull-up (or 2 or 3). I have gotten stronger and leaner, my body composition has changed drastically, and I feel comfortable and confident in my own skin. I have accomplished things over the past almost 2 years that I never dreamed possible, and I have made some of the best friends a girl could ask for. CFEC is truly a unique place. It's more of a family than a gym, a place where goals are realized and huge feats of strength, both physical and mental, are achieved. And I'm proud to call it my home.



Christopher Perez

CrossFit East Cobb saved me from myself. I used to be a driver for a concrete company and over the first 5 years of driving I gained over 70 lbs - going from 160 lbs to 232 lbs. Constantly sitting while at work, eating nothing but gas station food, getting home late and picking up fast food on the way, sitting on the couch binge watching shows day after day took its toll. I decided I really needed to change my lifestyle. I had lived that way for 3 years. It finally hit me, “I need to really do something about this.” I started running...well, jogging...walking fast. I saw some change and it felt great!!! I needed more! My cousin started CrossFit and I didn't hear the end of it. For about 3 months he kept trying to convince me to try it. I finally gave in and started looking around at boxes. I found a few somewhat close by, one being CFEC. I remember sitting in my car before my first class wondering what the hell I was doing! I walked in...best decision of my life! The people here are so wonderful! Coaches are amazing!! I've done multiple OCRs, 5Ks, 10Ks, the Peachtree Road Race for the past two years, two 50Ks, and in May my wife and I are doing our first Half Ironman. I never would have thought I would ever be doing anything like what I've done here!



 Victoria Kelly

I've been a member of CrossFit East Cobb since 2010.  I have stuck with it as it's the only exercise program I've ever stuck with - I love the varied programming and mix of strength training and endurance. I continued CrossFit through my entire second pregnancy and returned 4 weeks after the birth of my second child. At 42 years old, I am in the best shape of my life.  Also, as a huge bonus, I have made some wonderful friends who share a similar mindset around a healthy lifestyle. The supportive environment is what keeps me coming back.



Randi Grossman


Randi Grossman

CrossFit East Cobb has been like a romantic relationship for me, I have had many ups and downs.  I took some time away but it was always in my heart to come back to this box. I have been back for awhile now and couldn't be happier to call this my home.  What I truly love about this box is the programming, the coaches, and the friendships.  I finally got my rope climb a few months back and wanted to let the whole world know.  I am so grateful for CFEC that words on paper don't do it justice. Just thinking about the years spent here, how much stronger and more confident I have become blows my mind.  I can't wait to see what the future holds here at CFEC.



 Julian: Making A Great Health Investment

Julian BEFORE CrossFit

Julian WITH CrossFit

I started my Crossfit Journey because of a coupon. I had heard about CrossFit and even looked at a website or two, but never really paid it much mind. I had weighed 240 at my heaviest and through some High Intensity Interval Training at home and regular free weight workouts in my garage I managed to find myself hovering between 180 and 190 at any given time. Although I was pleased with the fact that I had lost weight, I still never felt athletic or energized.

I have coached and trained football athletes for over a decade. I have even worked with distance runners and sprinters, so I understood the dedication it took to achieve optimal results. But I never found the time or, more importantly, the drive to shift my thinking or training. I was emailed a link to a coupon to CrossFit East Cobb. It was a three minute drive from my home.

I smelled a challenge and an opportunity and I seized it. I called Jason and asked when I could come in for the intro session. He mentioned there was one the next day or I would have to wait a week for the next one. I wanted to be there immediately while the fire was lit. I went in for the test work out the next day and loved the varied movement concept. Jason talked to the group of four that were there for the introduction about not just the workout, but the recovery and the nutrition aspects of the CrossFit way of life. I returned the next day for my first "real" Workout of the Day (WOD) and was completely "smoked." I joined the Breakfast Club (those of us that are there at 05:30) and was inspired by the group of people and trainers that I was sharing my mornings with.

The first couple months I was just trying to keep up with the older ladies in the group. These middle-aged women could lift more than me, run faster and farther than me and had better physiques! Humbling and Inspiring.

That first month, I went six days a week for four weeks straight. I know that is the wrong thing to do from a recovery standpoin,t but I was in! I began asking for nutrition advice and Jason had some excellent feedback for me. He also asked me about my goals and I stated they were to burn some fat and gain some muscle. He directed me to participate in the body fat test that was coming up. On my sixth day of CrossFit, I was tested and found I was at 22% body fat. The next test was ten weeks out.

I set a goal of 17% and came back at 15%. After five months of CrossFit, my body fat was down to 12.5%. I couldn't see the results until my sister and I were talking about how much I love CrossFit and she sent me a picture that I had taken of myself when I was running and working out at home.

I carried all 22% of that body fat around my waist and it didn't look good to me, so I went straight to the bathroom and took a picture - no post work out, no "pump" just took a picture of myself. It was then I could see the 10% body fat difference. Also, I have more energy, feel great and actually look for new ways to push myself now.

The "ordinary folks" (bankers, accountants, students) I workout with inspire and motivate me. I couldn't ask for a more caring group. The trainers have been very instrumental and supportive in helping me achieve my goals while ensuring my safety and efficiency with proper technique and coaching points.

Most mornings are spent being coached by Jason,Travis, and Whit - all of them outstanding. When I do need to make an evening or weekend Curt, Erin and Jessica have been just as wonderful. The education and support I have encountered from the team and members of CrossFit East Cobb has been truly life changing! Dedicating yourself to your health and sticking to your guns is the best investment you can ever make. Don't wait for a coupon to get in here and change your life!



JP & Mike W.: Couch to 50K!

March of 2011 is when I first discovered Crossfit East Cobb. My husband was going to be out of town for a few weeks for work and I had dug up some much needed motivation to drop a few pounds that I had put on over the past few years. I was ready to get myself back into shape.

I signed up and committed 30 days to myself. Two weeks in, I had dropped 10lbs! In April of 2011 my husband decided to join. He had listened to me describe the WODs (workouts of the day) over the phone each night and saw the results when he returned home. I was hooked after the first month and signed up for the next month.

In early June, we signed up for the Body Fat test and Paleo challenge. Neither of us were at our goal weights yet, so we thought this would be a great way to measure the results we were starting to see. Along with the body fat test, I attended the Paleo Seminar that Chris and Jason held at the gym.

After the seminar that night, I went home and cleaned out the pantry! We were fully on board with the Paleo lifestyle. We had finally found an approach to eating that allowed us to eat and not count calories, carbs etc. No more silly diets!

30 days into embracing the Paleo lifestyle, we saw great results. Not only did we look and feel better, we were getting stronger and were able to put up more weight in the WODs and complete the runs around the parking lot without walking.

In early November 2011, Jason posted a signup list on the white board for a MT Cheaha 50K run. I was feeling overly eager that night so I put my name on the list and told Mike that I was going to do a 50 and he was going to come watch. A few weeks later he added his name to the list. He said he would rather run with me than watch. (I thought to myself, "You're crazy. You hate running and have never run a race in your life.")

For the next few weeks, we hit the WODs each night as hard as we could and followed the weekend running list Jason had mapped out for us. It paid off!!!! On February 24, 2012, Mike and I both ran our first 50K. It was a great experience. We ran side by side, pushing each other to finish what we started. 11 months into working out at CFEC and we were trained and conditioned enough to complete the MT Cheaha 50K. What an amazing feeling!

In the last year, I have lost 20 lbs of body fat and put on 10 lbs oMikesquatf muscle and Mike has lost 34 lbs of fat and put on 11lbs of muscle. Not only have we lost weight and found a new way to eat and live a fit lifestyle, we have found a great group of friends in the other Crossfit members and trainers.

To anyone thinking about joining, I would say give yourself 30 days and at the end of it you will find a new you with a really cool group of friends!!! Who knows? Maybe you will finish a 50K with us in 2013!




Beau D., Age 43: A Complete Transformation and Breakthrough Results

I ran 100 miles in under 30 hours. How did I train and accomplish this goal as a busy 43 year-old husband and a father of three? The answer can be found in the unique training program offered at Crossfit East Cobb. Handstandbeau

Like most busy men, I found it challenging to find a fitness program that offered a flexible training schedule while also producing measurable results. As a lifelong athlete who enjoys participating in a variety of sports, I was surprised to find my health and fitness on a slow downward decline. I struggled to put together an effective training program at my big-box gym. I supplemented my gym workouts with a few 5K and 10K road races over the years and I thought I was in decent shape. Unfortunately, my body told a different story.

My weight had been slowly creeping up over the last fifteen years. At a height of 6’1”, my college weight of 175lbs was a vague memory when I hit 214lbs at the age of 40. My waist size had also increased from 32” to 38”. This was not a trend that I wanted to continue so I began searching for an effective training program that would work with the demands of my everyday life.

I heard about CrossFit training a couple of years ago and was intrigued enough to do a little online research. I read about the functional movements incorporated into short, high intensity workouts and about the amazing results being experienced by people from all walks of life. When Jason and Chris opened CrossFit East Cobb (“CFEC”) in my neighborhood in 2009, it was time to give it a try.

I started training a few weeks after CFEC opened its doors and now average four or five workouts each week. The results have been absolutely amazing. I have dramatically improved my overall fitness and have completely transformed my body. I am now in the best shape of my life. My weight has dropped to 192lbs and my waist size is down to 33”. In addition to the incredible physical results, my strength and running times have dramatically improved. CFEC has even given me the ability to complete a 100 mile trail run in under 30 hours.

Crossfit East Cobb has provided a way to pursue fitness efficiently and effectively. In addition to a challenging workout program, CFEC offers a supportive community of Crossfitters who motivate and inspire you along the way. CFEC also provides foundational information about proper nutrition. When you couple that with an effective fitness program in a supportive environment, you have all the tools you need to make dramatic and positive changes in your fitness and overall health. Jason and Chris are passionate about helping you produce real results for a complete transformation. If you are looking for ways to improve your fitness journey, then you have found your answer. The rest is up to you. Hope to see you at CrossFit East Cobb.

CFEC Transformation Talk: Maria & Rob Lipop

We were like a lot of couples. We wanted to be thinner, healthier, and to feel better, but we weren’t doing anything about it. As the years passed, the scale crept up. Still, getting fit was not a priority—until one night when we ran into an old friend at a party.

He was so fit. He looked fantastic. We asked him what he was doing and he told us that he had been Crossfitting. Curious, we began researching Crossfit. Once we read all of the rave reviews online, we were ready to try it for ourselves.

The first day we entered Crossfit East Cobb (CFEC), we were nervous, scared, excited, and intimidated. We couldn’t believe we were actually going to do this. We started with the warm-up, the foundation of every Crossfit class. The t-shirt we saw was not kidding. The warm-up was definitely harder than our normal workout. Still, we made it through and came face-to-face with our first workout of the day (WOD).

The coaches were great and made us feel really comfortable. No matter how much we wanted to quit, they were right there encouraging us to continue – to finish well. We did it! The feelings of exhaustion and elation were unforgettable. So was the way our muscles felt the next day. We were wondering, “What just hit us?” We were sore, but we were hooked. We had seen the results in other people so we were willing to push through the discomfort to give Crossfit a fair try.

As of today, we have been at Crossfit East Cobb for about five months. To say we are glad we persevered is an understatement. During that time, Rob has lost 40 pounds and is now at 9.7% body fat. Maria has lost 30 pounds and is now at 17.1% body fat. Our eating habits have completely changed and we love what we are eating on Paleo. Our strength has increased exponentially as we hit CFEC four to five times a week.

We have had to buy all new clothes. We see muscles and bones we haven’t ever seen or at least haven’t seen in a LONG time. We have more energy, more confidence, our marriage is stronger and we are now “in the best shape of our lives.” The results we have experienced make us say, “HECK YES, Crossfit works.”

Crossfit is empowering. Every time we walk into CFEC, we are faced with a challenge. We look at the WOD on the whiteboard and think that there is no way we can finish, but we do. The feeling is addictive. It is like being in love!

The community of CFEC members is unlike any other and may be our favorite part of CFEC. Every day we look forward to seeing other members. We love meeting new members and welcoming them in. We also love seeing our ‘old friends’ that we work out with on a regular basis. Everyone is at a different fitness level, but we are all striving for the same goal. We are all pushing and striving to do our best.

If you are reading this, chances are that you are interested in Crossfit. If you want to get into the best shape of your life efficiently, it is our opinion that there is no other option. You may be tempted to say, “Crossfit is too hard for me. It is too advanced.” EVERYTHING in Crossfit is scalable. There are all ages, body types and stages at CFEC. We will tell you what we tell our friends: give Crossfit three months. You won’t regret it.