This hero WOD honors Christine Braswell, 40, who lost her life on 4/8/2017, after sustaining multiple injuries from an off-duty vehicle accident. She was a 12-year veteran and academy instructor with the Delray Beach PD, Swat Team Sniper and Delray Honor Guard. "She was a badass, and I/we wanted this to be just like her."
Warm Up

Run or row 250 meters

Then, 3 rounds of:

10 shoulder stretch

10 push ups

10 abmat sit ups

10 back extensions

10 squats




12 burpees

9 hang power cleans (95/65)

18 wall balls (20/14)

Run 200 meters with sandbag (50/35)

AMRAP 40 minutes

Posted on Friday July 14th, 2017
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