CrossFit Tweens is a program designed for kids ages 10-14 and is for both new and experienced athletes. The focus is on agility, strength, balance and conditioning. Each class we will be pushing, pulling, pressing, and squatting in some capacity. Every movement is programmed with scalable options so this class is open to all ability levels. 

The Tweens class is set up similar to the adult class in that it is comprised of 3 segments: warm- up, strength/skill work and the WOD (workout of the day). The warm-up is total body and prepares the body to do the movements in the strength/skill and the WOD. The strength/skill is generally bodyweight until mastery has been shown with the movement. Examples would be bodyweight to kettlebell squat, knee push ups to regular push ups, banded pull ups to regular pull ups. The WOD is typically 15 minutes in length and utilizes the vast array of equipment we have at CFEC. It can include tire flips, sled drags, prowler pushes, seated rope climbs, running, rowing, agility ladders and so many other exercises that keep the class fun and constantly varied. 


Each class is 50 minutes long. 

Drop In: $25

Monthly Fee:

1x week: $85 

2x week: $120

3x week: $150